Cinema Respect 2000
Cinema Respect 2000- The Films
"The Audition" (12 minutes)
Hapardes School, Or Yehuda

Tali, an overweight girl, likes to watch the Children's Channel and she dreams of one day becoming a singer. When auditions are held at school for the lead singer in the end-of-the-year play, Tali decides to try out. Although Tali is the better singer, the pretty but untalented "class queen" gets the part.
"A Stranger Among Us" (12 minutes)
Yigal Alon State-Religious School, Yehud

Ora, an Ethiopian girl, lives in a small house with her sick father and her little brother Zion. Zion's shoes are tattered and Ora would like to buy him new ones but she doesn't have the money. At Ora's school, a footrace is being held and the winning prize is a gift certificate to the Mashbir Lazarchan department store. Ora, who is always running around to take care of family errands, is an excellent runner and she wins the race. With her winnings she can buy her brother new shoes. This film also deals with the racism that Zion and Ora encounter.
"Shelly" (13 minutes)
Shafririm School for Special Education, Kibbutz Givat Hayyim Ichud

Shelly's father is unemployed and in his financial despair he decides to sell the jewelry that belonged to his late wife, Shelly's mother. Discovering this, Shelly becomes very emotional and runs away from home. The film depicts the hardships that Shelly experiences in one evening: arrival at a youth shelter, making new friends, panhandling, hitchhiking, and a chance encounter with one of her classmates. At the end of a night of contemplation and indecision, Shelly gets on a bus headed for home.
"Pride" (13 minutes)
Ormat Industrial High School, Yavne

Alex and Udi have learning disabilities and are sent by the principal of their technical high school to install a computer network at the school from which they were expelled a year earlier. Udi is worried and doesn't want to have anything to do with the school that was unfair to him, but Alex convinces him that this is an opportunity for them to prove themselves. They install the network and everything looks fine until a chance meeting with the teacher that expelled him from school prompts Udi to sabotage his good work. When the principal calls the boys into his office Udi is surprised to hear the principal praise their work. Alex then reveals to him that he repaired that damage.
"Who Hears What Is In The Heart?" (12 minutes)
Hagalil Elementary School, Nazareth Illit

Danny has a crush on Sivan, a girl from the deaf and mute class at his school. Since his friends always make fun of the deaf and mute, Danny keeps his friendship with Sivan a secret. When Danny finds out that Sivan plans to go the class party, he tells her that he doesn't plan to go. Sivan's mother convinces her to go anyway. Sivan goes and when she sees Danny at the party she runs away. Danny runs after her to apologize, arguing with his ridiculing friend along the way. Danny eventually apologizes and makes up with Sivan in front of everyone.
"The Thought" (14 minutes)
Achva School, The Black Hebrew Community, Dimona

David, an eighth grader from the Black Hebrew Community in Dimona, lives with his family and another family in a shared house. They are 30 people living in very cramped quarters. A few days before the community's Thanksgiving Day, when it is customary to give presents, David finds 100 shekels in the shower and takes them. At the end of the school day he hears an argument between his mother and the mother from the other family, who accuses David's mother, Elisheva, of stealing money. Despite the stormy argument, David is afraid to tell that he took the money and he closes himself in his room. The film documents life in the Black Hebrew Community and shed's light on the community's special traditions.
"I Luv You" (13 minutes)
Herzog Junior High School, Holon

Maor has a learning disability and has a hard time at school. His behavior is interpreted by his parents and teachers as laziness. Maor manages to "get by" by copying his friend's homework. When his friend decides no longer to cooperate, Maor stops turning in his homework and faces expulsion from school. Yael, a girl in his class who edits the school newspaper, sees that Maor is a talented artist and she invites him to illustrate the paper. Yael approaches the school counselor and tells her that Maor needs help, not punishment. The counselor invites Maor to decorate the gymnasium wall. Maor paints a beautiful mural portrait of Yael and writes under it: "Yael, I Luv You".
"No One Must Know" (12 minutes)
Shfar'am Municipal Comprehensive High School A, Shfar'am

Eddy discovers that his father, who for years has been beating his wife and other family members, is also a drug addict who steals money from his family. Eddy's mother begs him not to tell anyone, in order not to shame the family. But when the father returns one evening and again beats his wife, Eddy becomes enraged and hurts his father. The film deals with the danger of denial and refusal to ask for help. It also deals with the vicious circle of violence that brings more violence.
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