The lahav association for promoting values in society
The Lahav Association and Its Activities

The Lahav Association is a non-profit organization that has been active in Israel and overseas since 1998. Our association uses cinematic creations to promote democratic values, tolerance, social awareness and creative self-expression.

Lahav's projects involve professional filmmakers, artists and therapists who facilitate creative-therapeutic programs for diverse groups, which lead to the production of short films by program participants. Our programs are flexible and can be adapted for groups from different backgrounds and with various needs.

In each group, participants raise personal issues and present them through improvisations and in writing. These issues form the basis of a story line that is adapted into a screenplay. This process is facilitated by a director or screenwriter from Lahav. Groups that have a particular therapeutic objective are facilitated by an additional counselor who is trained in drama therapy.

The final screenplay is produced as a short film and group members assume principal roles in its production: directing, acting, and performing tasks such as wardrobe and makeup. Each group is accompanied by Lahav's professional filmmaking staff including an acting coach, a director and a professional cinematographer and editor. The production team is highly skilled and trained to be considerate of each group's character and its particular needs.

Every Lahav project culminates in the production of an original dramatic or documentary film that is of the highest production quality. The films offer a powerful and authentic look at the subjects that they present. Aside from their emotional and artistic value, the films are also used for instructional purposes by professional counselors who work with children and teens. Various other organizations working to advance the rights of children and teens use our films for enrichment and training, thus expanding the films' circles of influence.
To date, the Lahav Association has produced more than 60 dramatic short films.
More than 2500 children and teens have participated in making the films, which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, including many students and teachers.
3500 copies of "Cinema Respect" films produced by Lahav have been distributed to schools all over Israel. These student-made films deal with mutual respect and human rights and have been viewed by more than 150,000 people.
Lahav films and related workbooks have been distributed to 24 regional offices of the Ministry of Education and to hundreds of teachers and schools.
For two years running, more than a quarter million children have watched Lahav films during a special week of broadcasting on the Children's Channel.
Approximately 100,000 viewers have watched Lahav films broadcast on Educational Television.
Films produced by Lahav have won prestigious prizes at international festivals (including the UNESCO Fellini medal at the CIAK Junior international film festival in Treviso, Italy for three years straight—2001 - 2003).
Lahav films were screened on the Channel One television program Zap Rishon on the occasion of International Children's Day.
In March 2004, films produced by Lahav were screened at Jewish film festivals in Maine and San Diego.

Association Staff

Lahav works with outstanding professionals in the fields of theater, therapy, cinema and the arts. Our committed and experienced staff members excel at working with young people in the association's projects.

Association Director and Producer: Silvan Bigeleisen
Project Coordinator and Screenwriter: Sharon Grinberg Lior
Office Manager: Tzila Weiss
"Kolnoar" National Project Manager: Ronen Shteinberg
"Children Make Movies" Project Director: Zion Rubin
Director of Therapeutic Drama Programs: Sharona Eselman Levinger
Cinema Facilitators: Iris Rubin, Tzach Nisanboim, Dana Radai, Ibtisam Mara'ana, Michal Haggai, Idit Haverfeld
Drama Facilitators: Sharona Eselman Levinger, Dan Erlichman, Sara Cohen Siboni
Production Assistants: Ahuva Kadoori, Tami Kushnir
Cinematography: Benyamin Hiram, Gonen Glazer, Amit Kedar
Cinematographer's Assistant: Lior Belu, Tomer Blair, Omer Yafman
Recording: Shai Zamir, Tomer Blair, Sharon Luzon
Editing and Sound: Avi Levi, Michal Cohen
Production Driver: Tzvika Weiss
Graphic Design: Yotvat Zarka
Accounting: Avi Mavshov, Amnon Cohen
Insurance: Uri Harel
Public Relations: Lior PR—Nehama Lior, Orna Idlitz

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Copyright ©, 2000 Lahav npa, All rights reserved
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