"Children Make Movies- 2004"
the films:
"Personal File"
Eshel Hanassi Boarding School
8th Grade

Alon, a student at the Eshel Hanassi Boarding School, stole the math test and subjected his entire class to a collective punishment, which he found a way to avoid. Alon has a mother but his father is gone. As far as he knows, his father left the country. But Alon has recently begun to suspect that there is more to the story about his father. Though his mother insists he's left the country, Alon decides to look into the matter for himself. Alon steals his personal file and discovers that his father is in prison and that his mother has hidden this information from him his entire life. Alon goes to meet his father for the first time in prison and he decides to straighten up. Modifying the old cliché about fathers and sons, Alon resolves that the apple falls—wherever you want it to fall.
Dror Junior High School
7th Grade

There is a new girl in class. Her name is Almog and she is original, energetic and filthy rich—or at least that's the impression that she tries to convey to her classmates. Almog wins Eddy's affections and they begin to go out. But the truth is that Almog's family is not rich at all, quite the opposite. Almog cannot admit it, since the rich-girl impression that she has conveyed has made her popular with her classmates and with Eddy. Almog becomes tangled in a web of lies and her secret is finally discovered by Eddy, in what is perhaps the most embarrassing way possible…
"Only a Game"
Ramot Junior High School, Bat Yam

Twelve year-old Adva's dream comes true one day when a glamorous passerby invites her to join an acting agency. Adva visits the agency and is told that a promising acting career awaits her. She is advised to make a book of photos of herself so she can start auditioning right away. But the book costs more than Adva can afford her mother is not willing to give her money. Adva pawns the expensive necklace that she received for her Bat Mitzvah, intending to buy it back as soon as she starts earning money from acting. But as soon as Adva pays the money and is photographed for the book she stops hearing from the agency. Now Adva has to confess the story to her mother and to earn back her pawned necklace, through hard work.
Ort Hashomron Junior High School

When Tom, a new student, arrives in class, he is seated next to Talia. Tom is a quiet boy who has a learning disability and does poorly in school. Talia is a good student and is supposed to help Tom with his studies. Talia is not pleased with the arrangement, but when Tom helps her in an unrelated matter she discovers that they have a lot in common and they become friends. Meanwhile, Tom develops a crush on Talia, but she likes Dor. Tom's best friend, Noam, suggests that Tom remove Dor from the picture and Tom does so—rather improperly. When Tom sees the results of his actions and especially Talia's sadness, he understands that he must fix the damage he has done…
TALI School, Pisgat Ze'ev
5th Grade

Dana's parents fight all the time. The situation is terrible and there is no quiet at home anymore. Despite this, Dana's greatest fear is that her parents will divorce, a specter that appears likely in the near future. Dana's friend, Lital, convinces her that she can still save the situation. The idea comes to her from an incidental conversation on how to improve married life. Dana decides to surprise her parents and arranges for them a pampering vacation at a hotel. All that remains is to convince her parents to go… On the way to the hotel Dana begins to understand that her parents are about to divorce and that maybe that is preferable to the current situation.

This film won the best scenario prize at the 2004 CIAK Junior international film festival in Treviso, Italy.
"Mili's Friends"
Children from "Amutat Hahayim", under treatment in the Oncology Departments of Schneider and Tel Hashomer Hospitals

The Oncology Department is noisy and boisterous. Mili has just seen on television that her beloved Rodrigo Gonzalez is engaged to be married. The bitter news is too much for Mili to bear and she collapses. Though she is only 10 years old and has never met Rodrigo, she was always certain that one day they would get married. Mili is bedridden and her friends' best efforts do little to encourage her. Her situation worsens and a scheduled transplant operation for her is cancelled. In an emergency meeting, her friends in the ward decide that only one extreme measure can help…
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